Jan 26, 2015

How My Daughter Styled Her LULU Handbag

I have been a fan of Lulu Guinness' line of handbags forever. Her whimsical bags and signature designs of polka dots, bows, lip purses, and bright colors speaks to my style aesthetic.
But this week, I stepped behind the camera and captured my daughter's style featuring her LULU bag.

Jan 23, 2015

My Independent Fashion Bloggers Feature

My second feature on Independent Fashion Bloggers makes me smile. :) Check it out plus all the other wonderful links below. Have a great weekend! 



What do you do when your eyeshadow breaks? How do you NOT take an outfit photo? How do you take care of your nails? How to you add a little edge to your style? The serious questions when it comes to fashion. Well, ok, still very IMPORTANT. This week we have a great roundup of interesting links informing us all those little things you didn't even know you really needed to know.

Links à la Mode: January 22nd

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Jan 21, 2015

Reflecting in Grays:The Most Important Thing I Learned My First Year Of Blogging

This month marks one full year of blogging. Yay!!! I have learned some valuable lessons along the way, but all the research I did prior to publishing my first post did not prepare me for what was to come.
I had no idea the work involved in running a blog, especially if you want it to be more than a hobby, it can literally be a full time job! There have been times when I've wondered What am I doing?? LOL Whenever I get to that point, I reflect on why I started blogging, (catch up with that post, here) and that seems to put things back in perspective. Looking back, much of what I said still holds true, in addendum to a few more things.

Jan 13, 2015

Reflecting In Blues: My Five Shopping Resolutions for 2015

It's the second week in 2015 and I am still in a reflective and goal setting mode. I shared a personal goal last week, click here to catch up. A more polished look for the blog was another goal,  I hope you like it!  
For the first time ever, I've made shopping resolutions. :} :/  My ultimate shopping goal this year is to Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Lastand I have come up with five goals to help keep me on track: 

Jan 7, 2015

365 Days Of Happiness...

I can't believe we are a week into the new year already and to be honest, I am feeling bitter sweet. Bitter: all the festivities including family gatherings, good food, parties, holiday spirit, and all things holiday have come to an end. Sweet: to see a new year is indeed a blessing and another chance to wipe the slate clean and write another beautiful chapter for your life.

Like most, I set some goals, yet this year I wanted something more heartfelt than the usual purposeful promises (lose weight and be a better person), but was having a hard time deciding what to resolute.

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